6 Best Eco-Friendly Headphones and Earbuds – Sustainable Wood Headphones

Who doesn’t love a good pair of headphones? Whether they’re for leisurely listening to music, working out at the gym, gaming, video editing, or work – a high quality set will make a massive difference in overall experience.

That being said, if you’re looking to incorporate more sustainable habits and products in your lifestyle, you’re gonna have a rough time finding eco-friendly stereo equipment that doesnt break in a week or sound like you’re listening to music through a sheet of wrapping paper.

There just aren’t that many options for sustainable consumers yet, so to make your life a little easier, I’ve put together a list of some of the best eco-friendly headphones, earphones, and earbuds that you’ll actually be able to enjoy. I hope it helps you find the perfect pair for you!


1. Smile Jamaica Noise Isolating Headphones

By far my favorite audio brand on this list (or at all to be honest), House of Marley is a company that was founded to honor the legendary Bob Marley and his profound respect for the earth and its inhabitants.

They’re the most sustainable audio brand on the market – they use recycled and biodegradable materials, create long-lasting audio products that you don’t have to buy as often, and support global reforestation and ocean conservation via various foundations. I love them, and 10/10 would recommend their products to anyone.

One of their more popular and affordable pieces of equipment is their Smile Jamaica Wired Noise Isolating Headphones. They are a pair of wired earbuds that are made of fcs certified wood and recyclable aluminum housing. As with all House of Marley’s other products, they are made to be durable, and if used with care (i.e. aren’t left on the floor to be stepped on) they will last for years.

2. True Wireless Redemption ANC Earbuds

If you’re more into wireless earbuds, House of Marley’s True Wireless Redemption ANC Earbuds might be more up your alley. They’re made of bamboo, regrind natural wood composite, and regrind silicone.

(which basically means material like plastic or wood that has already been processed once before, and is then recycled and ground up into pieces to become something new)

They’ve got a 5-hour battery life with noise cancellation enabled, a 7-hour battery life without noise cancellation enabled, and come with a charging case that holds up to 3 charges. I’m actually a big fan of that, because if I’m going somewhere like a road trip or hiking trip, having a case that holds more than one charge is extremely useful.

They’re also sweat-proof, weather resistant, and have buttons for controlling different purposes such as playing, pausing, and changing music, as well as taking and ending calls.

3. Symphonized NRG MFI Earbuds

These earbuds made by the company Symphonized are a good choice if you are wanting a pair of earbuds that are sustainable, but also have killer sound quality. This brand uses wood to build their audio equipment just as House of Marley does, but they do so specifically for better sound quality.

They use handcrafted bubinga wood for the best acoustics possible and to maximum sound output. This results in a powerful set of earbuds that delivers sound with a strong base.

Their shape is also based on the natural curves of the human ear, so they are very comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time without causing irritation. That’s great for someone like me who would wear my earbuds so long that I would literally get blisters.


4. Positive Vibration 2: Over-Ear Headphones

Another one of my favorites by House of Marley, the Positive Vibration 2’s are their most affordable/entry level pair of over-the-ear headphones. Like all of the brand’s other products, these headphones are made of sustainable materials such as FSC certified wood, REWIND fabric, recyclable aluminum, durable stainless steel, and is all packaged in 100% recyclable material.

They work by bluetooth connectivity and have a 10 hour battery life, but one of my favorite things about them is that if they run out of battery and you’re unable to recharge them, you can plug them in like normal headphones and they’ll work just fine. That is not something you see often, and is a really nice touch – it shows how much they have thought about their customers and I appreciate it.

5. Positive Vibration XL

If you liked the sound of the Positive Vibration 2’s, but want a pair of headphones with even better sound quality and comfort, Positive Vibration XL’s are the ones to get. They’re similar in their sustainable build materials, but are heavily upgraded in most other aspects.

They come equipped with 40mm hi-definition drivers that provide a deep bass and crystal-clear sound, have memory foam installed around the ear cushions and headband for extra comfort, have a whopping 24 hours of playtime on a full charge, and come built with fast charging technology.

6. Meze 99 Classics

Easily one of the most stylish pairs of headphones on this list, if you want something that is as luxurious as it is sustainable, these would be a great fit for you. The Meze 99 Classics have been featured as some of the best closed-back headphones of all time, and it’s no surprise why – they’re beautiful, have insanely good build quality, and can be worn for hours and hours without any discomfort. (they actually recommend them for professions such as studio recording, video editing, podcasts, etc.)

One of the reasons a lot of people like them is because they have strong base without being overpowering like many modern headphones. Their sound is perfectly balanced, mids are well-represented, and it sounds very natural.

Their outer shell is made of walnut wood and steel, with no plastic in sight. It comes with a carrying pouch, a cable with a microphone and remote, multiple types of adapters, and a cable pouch to prevent tangling.

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